3dcart is Becoming Shift4Shop

3dcart is officially moving forward to further their position in the ecommerce market with a complete full solution and NO monthly fee when using the all in one solution. 3dcart moving forward will be known as Shift4Shop.

Below is the full 3dcart blog announcement to address any current 3dcart user concerns.

After over 20 years as an innovative force in eCommerce, we're changing our name. Going forward, 3dcart will be known as Shift4Shop.

So, why the change? If you're a 3dcart client, you might have some concerns — and we understand completely. What might this mean for your business, and the quality of features and service we offer?

Well, we're just as committed as we've ever been to providing the best solution for growing your business. We will still be the same eCommerce platform you know and love.

But this is more than just a simple name change. In fact, we can start offering more to our clients than ever before.

Read on to see why 3dcart's evolution into Shift4Shop represents growth, positive change, and new opportunities for businesses.


Why is 3dcart Changing its Name?

In November 2020, 3dcart was acquired by Shift4, a leader in payment technology. Shift4 is dedicated to offering a complete, powerful, secure solution for merchants in all industries, whether they sell online, offline, or both.

Shift4 offers payment solutions for retail, restaurants, and all types of businesses, including industries that don't fit neatly into a box. With features like tokenization, rock-solid security, and a variety of terminals, Shift4 is a truly omnichannel payment provider in every sense of the term.

While Shift4 has been processing online payments for years, they wanted to expand their features to offer an eCommerce website builder. They investigated leading eCommerce platforms to find one they could bring into their ecosystem.

This led Shift4 to discover 3dcart. They recognized us as a pioneer in the industry, and were impressed by the high level of functionality and unprecedented number of built-in features 3dcart has to offer. Shift4 identified 3dcart as the ideal eCommerce platform to acquire.

It's a great fit. Both 3dcart and Shift4 are early adopters in our respective areas of technology. Both are innovators in our niche with over 20 years of experience. And both of us seek to offer our clients as complete a solution as possible.

So, 3dcart is rebranding to Shift4Shop to represent our new status as part of a larger family. A true powerhouse of eCommerce, ready to bring the full force of our combined resources to help you grow your business.


What's Changing?


Being a part of Shift4 means we can now offer a fully integrated payment processing solution right out of the box. So, there's no need to set up a separate merchant account or spend time integrating with another payment provider.

This tight connection between Shift4 and the 3dcart platform means we'll be able to offer our merchants new advances in Shift4's payment technology instantly, without needing to build an integration.

The other big change is that we're now able to offer a completely free eCommerce plan to our US merchants. And it includes all the features of our Pro plan, which used to be $229 per month. If you switch your credit card processor to Shift4, you get 3dcart's full list of features for free, no matter what plan you were using before. Enterprise businesses can use the same free plan, with extra support from us just like before.

No other eCommerce platform in the world can offer a full-featured, enterprise-grade, unlimited plan absolutely free. This makes us unique in the market, and an incredibly powerful tool for your business.


What's Staying the Same?

Shift4 chose 3dcart because they admire what we do. As a payments company, Shift4 is looking to us for direction in the realm of eCommerce.

We are continuing with the same 3dcart team, including our founder Gonzalo Gil, co-founder Jimmy Rodriguez, and the rest of the established executive leadership.

So, while we are expanding our support, development, and infrastructure teams to accommodate for growth, we're still the same people at 3dcart.

Our software is also going to be the same, but now we’ll have more resources to enhance the platform and expand our feature set even faster than before — and you can benefit from these improvements without any impact to your budget!

So, what will it be like to see "Shift4Shop" in your admin panel instead of "3dcart?" You may not even notice a difference — except that your monthly fee is a thing of the past.

And don't worry — if you're using alternative payment types like digital wallets, PayPal, "buy now, pay later" financing, or others, you're still fine. Shift4 can process many of these payment types themselves, and we are keeping all the payment methods they don't cover. This also includes B2B services like Apruve.


FAQ: How Does This Benefit Your Business?

So, what is the direct benefit of this change for you, as a business owner? Let's sum up:

  • You’ll no longer have to pay a monthly eCommerce fee. With 3dcart's new free plan, you won't need to spend money on your eCommerce software, so that adds up to significant savings. This is sure to make a difference, no matter your business's current size or stage of growth.
  • You'll never have to think about the limits of your plan. No more upgrading plans as your business grows; our free plan will grow with you even at the largest enterprise phase. So, that's one more administrative concern your business can forget about.
  • You'll get access to additional tools and services. This includes the benefits of Shift4, like free mobile payment terminals, a powerful gift card program, and more. But you'll also see more advanced eCommerce functionality coming at a faster pace.


More Frequently Asked Questions

Is 3dcart going to start adding transaction fees like Shopify?

No, we are not adding a transaction fee on any plan, no matter what payment processor you use. You'll only pay the processor's normal fees (just like always).

Is the 3dcart headquarters moving to a new location?

We have no plans to leave our South Florida office.

I'm a current 3dcart store owner. If I switch to Shift4 payments, will they match my current processing rate?

Yes. See here for details: https://grow.3dcart.com/3dcart-shift4-payments?

Are other credit card processors still supported?

Our platform continues to support more payment processors than any other eCommerce solution. If you need to use a different solution than Shift4 Payments, you can, but you won't be able to access the free eCommerce plan.

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