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Like most people, I fell into using one of the big 3 cell phone services long ago that I just continued with over the years without a thought. Well, at least until Covid hit. I started doing some searching and studying to find that many other providers were far less expensive for the same service. Now this was initially a trial, because let's be honest... Is it REALLY the same quality service? The answer is..... YEP. I see no difference in my coverage and I save about 70% over the good old "Can you here me now?".

So what was the service that I settled on and probably won't leave? It was none other than MINT Mobile. Don't laugh.... It's for real. I have used MINT Mobile for just over half of 2020 and have unlimited EVERYTHING for a whole $360 per year. However, my service cost minus tax was actually just under $350. $29.17/month broken down to be exact. It may only be a 3% discount, but 3% in 2020 is a big deal. I will get into this discount later.

Now think about this for a second. My average cell bill previously averaged $86 or so per month. But now with MINT Mobile it equates to roughly $30/month. That is a big 66% savings that makes a massive difference to day to day life from my phone service alone. That's $56 ($672/year) I can and need to use towards something else without question.

Keep in mind also that my son's phone cost me another $86/month on the big "V" network and since I added his phone to MINT Mobile as well, his plan is a data limited plan that cost me $174.60 for the year with my extra 3% discount. So my saving in total between both lines is over $1500.

There are other services like Mint. I did my homework in all of the similar services I could find and Mint mobile is what has worked amazing for me. I really hope it works for you as well because there is some real big savings to be had.

Click the banner below or any of the highlighted links to get more info and doing so can even help me earn some free Mint service time. Every users gets their own non obtrusive referral link for friends. Pretty cool. You won't regret it.
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