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Shift4Shop Responsive Product Countdown
Maximize your Mobile Conversion

Shift4Shop Responsive Product Countdown

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Shift4Shop Responsive Product Countdown

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The new Shift4Shop Responsive Product Countdown method from The Cart Designer cures a now long standing issue with Shift4Shop in regards to the quantity of products showing under 767px wide.

Currently at 767px most Shift4Shop templates go to only 1 product per row. This is fine if you only have 5 products to show on a category. However if you have more products showing on a page you do not want your customers to scroll through 10, 20, 30 or even more products ONE at a time. Don't take the chance of irritating your customers on mobile by endless finger scrolling one product at a time and sending them elsewhere. The Cart Designer wants to give you the best opportunity for your customers to view and in turn convert product views into mobile sales.

With The Cart Designer's Responsive Product Countdown you can choose your starting product count per row above (typically 4 products have the best viewing size, but 5 is good for widescreen and no sidebars). Regardless what you choose to begin with on desktop sizes, even on small 320px wide mobile devices you get a minimum of 2 products showing per row. That gives you 100% more product viewing at the smallest mobile screen size.

Maximize your viewing and conversion mobile device now with The Cart Designer's Responsive Product Countdown Method.

*This is an advanced layout modification and requires install by The Cart Designer. Installation is FREE!

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