Shift4Shop Version 11.0.0 Release Notes
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Shift4Shop version 11.0.0
Below are release notes for version 11.0.0
  • Highlights
  • The following issues have been resolved
    • PayPal buttons not showing on product page when e-product uses custom file names.
    • PayPal credit card fields not displaying when using multi-page checkout on HTML5 themes.
    • PayPal Payments Pro button not showing when using delivery calendar.
    • PayPal Checkout missing billing information when funding source is not a credit card.
    • Missing transaction information in Order Details page when using PayPal Checkout.
    • Missing customer information causing random failures on checkout when using Stripe.
    • Checkout failing when using Authorize.Net payment gateway.
    • Checkout error when Paymentech credentials are missing.
    • Checkout page does not show credit card fields when using Stripe v1 (legacy).
    • Error on checkout when using USA ePay as the payment method.
    • Checkout page does not select the Free Shipping method when a promotion with free shipping is applied.
    • Scheduled gift certificates export does not include group certificates.
    • Firefox does not show email messages preview.
    • Internet Explorer. does not show Credit Card fields on checkout page.
    • New Releases and Top Sellers sessions do not display correct stock on Core themes for out-of-stock items.
    • Error granting Category Access Permission to more than 80 Customer Groups.
    • Missing AVS and CVV for Stripe transaction on Order Details page.
    • Distributor email message content truncated when the order contains multiple items.
    • Phone order error when the order results in more than 10,000 boxes.
    • JavaScript error on checkout when using iPhone iOS 14 on stores with a HMTL5 template.
    • Partial Credit failing from Virtual Terminal.
    • Importing Rewards Points wrong date due to errors on the parser.
    • Sales tax not charged on multi shipping order for non-US addresses when paying with a US credit card.
    • Sales by Country and Sale by State reports listing duplicate orders.
    • Square not applying discounts to the authorized amount, always capturing the original amount.
    • Promotion mistakenly applied to order when promotion rules combine purchase of specific product and Customer Group.
    • Mistakenly saving log transaction details to order Internal Comments for failing attempts when paying with Sezzle.
    • Autoresponder failing to complete some tasks in a particular order.
    • Phone number not present in Amazon Pay transactions.
    • Phone Order search for products and customers not returning any results.
    • Phone Order not keeping custom pricing when entered originally or when an order is duplicated.
    • When deleting Menu Link or Extra Page, the page refreshes back to Site Content.
    • Random issues onboarding to Amazon Pay.
    • Variable not reflecting correct product availability in new order email message.
    • Access to QuickBooks Integration logs blocked.
    • Reward Points referral pop-up showing dynamic variables.
    • Recurring order shows negative balance when the original order is paid with Store Credits.
    • Facebook Share you purchase pop-up not working.
    • Customer Group level pricing is not reflected in search results.
    • Credit Card number and CVV number overlapping on help modal.
    • Product image missing in new order customer email message when product uses Color Swatch option.
    • Error adding products with required options to a Phone Order.
    • Gift Certificate session on Customer My Account page showing negative balance when module is turned off.
    • Import/Export Product page showing two sets of fields for Enhanced Catalog for Feeds.
    • Customers could not register new accounts in stores using CORE templates with reCaptcha and Address Validator enabled at the same time.
    • Recurring Orders Dashboard missing orders.
    • Failing to save Shipping Mapping changes on Amazon Integration settings page.
    • Return Merchandise Authorization email messages not going out to customers.
    • Fedex SurePost not showing APO rate in random situations.
    • Failing to calculate shipping costs on the Product Page for Level 2 customers.
    • Page refreshes mistakenly trigger Facebook Pixel events.
    • Delivery Calendar App not adding the buffer days to estimate delivery date.
    • Description fields with more than 256 characters causing errors on checkout when using Credova.
    • Invoice number missing on Drip Integration.
    • Facebook Shop Integration randomly failing to update product catalog when long description fields contain HMTL tags.
We hope you enjoy these and other improvements we're working on for your stores. Thank you for choosing Shift4Shop!

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